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To See: The Pantheon


The Pantheon of Agrippa is a temple built at the beginning of the Roman Empire in order to honor the Gods. In fact, the word pantheon comes from the Greek pan = everything and theon = gods

The original temple was erected by Marcus Agrippa in 27 BC, but later after the fires and destruction he suffered, it was completely rebuilt by the Emperor Hadrian between the years 123 and 125.

It is said that the creator of this magnificent monument was the architect Apolodoro of Damascus but it is not completely sure. In 609 the Byzantine Emperor Flavius Nicephorus Phocas Augustus donated the building to Pope Boniface IV who transformed it into a church and continues today.

It is the construction of ancient Rome that is best preserved and the most striking of this colossal monument is its portico with its eight immense columns and its large dome 44 meters of diameter.


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