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To See: Monument to Victor Emmanuel II


Monument to Victor Emmanuel II of Rome

This huge white marble monument that sits between Capitoline Hill and Piazza Venezia was built in honor of the first unified king of Italy Vittorio Emmanuelle II. Construction began in 1885 with the designs of the Italian architect Giuseppe Sacconi.
For the building it was necessary to destroy part of Hill Capitalina, destroying with it Roman and medieval ruins.

In 1911, on the 50th anniversary of the New Kingdom, this symbol of Italian unity was inaugurated.

The monument has a large staircase that leads to the so-called Altar de la Nación, dominated by a large equestrian statue of Victor Manuel II 12 meters high. Next to the statue is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with an eternal flame built after World War II.
At each of the two ends of the upper part you can see the statues of the Winged Victoria Goddess on a chariot.
Popularly among the Italian population usually call this building "the wedding cake" or "the typewriter"


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