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To See: St. Peter Basilica


The beginnings of the Basilica of St Peter took place in the year 324, when Constantine ordered to erect a basilica in the place where was martyred and buried St. Peter, very near the circus of Nero. After the passage of the years the initial basilica deteriorated until in the fifteenth century it was demolished for fear of its collapse.

The basilica that we can see at the moment began to raise the 18 of April of 1506 during the papado of Giulio II. More than a century was delayed in building, until finally it was finished and consecrated in 1626 under the pontificate of Urban VIII.

Many were the architects and artists who participated throughout this project, which was initially commissioned to architect Bramante, who was succeeded by Raphael. Later, Antonio da Sangallo the Elder, Michelangelo, Giacomo Della Porta and Domenico Fontana followed. Carlo Maderno was the first to reach the corner kick.

The St. Peter Sanctuary has dimensions of about 190 meters long, 58 meters wide and 136 meters high to the cross of the vault. Here are the tombs of St. Peter and most of the pontiffs of history. Inside the grounds you can see sculptures such as "La Piedad" by Michelangelo or creations such as "La Catedra" and the Cantabrian of San Pedro "by Bernini.


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