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To See: Fontana di Trevi


You can not travel to Rome and not visit the Trevi Fountain (Fontana di Trevi), one of the most representative monuments of this ancient city. The Romans used to build fountains at the end of the aqueducts and the Trevi Fountain is the final point of the Aqua Virgo aqueduct built in 19 BC.

The current source is a work of the architect Nicola Salvi (chosen by Pope Clement XII) who would take advantage of the design of the initial project of Bernini before he left after the death of Pope Urban VIII, who had commissioned the work. Finally the construction began in the year 1732 and finished in 1762 by Giuseppe Pannini since Salvi died in 1751 leaving his work unfinished.

Pannini replaced some aspects of the monument and added the sculptures of Agrippa and Trivia.

Presiding over the source you can see the sculpture of Neptune in his car shaped like a shell, pulled by two sea horses that in turn are tamed by two newts. One horse is calm and obedient while the other is restless, representing the calm and brave state of the sea.
On the flanks of the fountain you can see two statues, each with a meaning. The one on the left represents abundance and the one on the right symbolizes healthiness.
The bed of the fountain is full of tourist coins and is that according to the legend, if you throw a coin over your left shoulder with your back to the fountain, one day you will return to Rome.


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