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Do not want to see everything


Do not want to see everything. Leave things to go back

Rome is an "inexhaustible" city. The Romans often say that to know it is not enough ONE LIFE. If this is your first visit, do not want to see it all. Take advantage to get a general idea of the city, know what there is and what you need to see. Visit the places calmly, learning its history and its meaning. Every monument is a world. Do not want to run away, just get there, to see the next. In this way, you will see fewer things, but you can taste them more.

Nowadays few can afford to travel like nineteenth-century Romantics, who remained months and even years in the same fate, soaking in their soul, and returning transformed. But it is also not a question of making a crazy tourism that only wants to get to the sites to take the picture and leave at full speed.

If you savor it calmly, you will be "trapped" by this unique city in the world: Rome is always coming back.

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