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Fiumicino Airport

Rome International Airport, officially called Leonardo da Vinci but better known as Fiumicino Airport (FCO) is the largest in Italy and one of the busiest on the continent. It is connected with Europe and with several Italian airports.

Airport Terminal 3 (T3) is for international flights both outside and inside the EU. Terminal 1 (T1) is dedicated to Italian domestic flights but after the fire that hit Terminal 3 is being used as terminal arrival / departure for numerous flights.

Fiumicino Airport is a modern, up to any European Intercontinental Airport, and has all the necessary services to make the most comfortable ride: banks, post offices, pharmacies, medical clinic, many shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and bookstores.

However, being such a large and busy airport (about 100 thousand passengers a day) the experience at Fiumicino airport can become complex and exhausting.

We recommend that you always paying attention to the planes of the place, always checking on monitors and information boards.

Since last April 2016, Fiumicino Airport offers free and unlimited Wi-Fi service. A service that will facilitate communication and expect to arrive or depart from Rome.


Please check the official website for flight information (schedules, delays ...) and Fiumicino airport facilities

Useful services at Fiumicino Airport

Switchboard (24h): +39 0665951 (for airport information, facilities and flights).

Luggage (Deposito bagagli)
It is located at Terminal 3 of the airport (international arrivals) and is open from 06:30 to 23:30.
Rates: 6 € suitcase / bag every 24 h. or fraction from the time of deposit.
Payment is made at luggage removing.

Porter Service
You can request it at the Porter Point found in all terminals, both arrivals and departures.
The service can be booked by sending a fax to 06 65955995 or calling to 06 65957510/4054.
Conventional luggage 4 €;
Oversized luggage or weight 6 €;
Transport between terminals 8 €

Lost luggage
If you do not find your luggage you have to get in touch with the company handling on your flight and indicated on the monitor that is adjacent to the tape where they exit bags.
Alitalia Airport (domestic and international flights) +39 0665634956 (7: 00-23: 00) Aviapartner + 39 0665957249 (9: 00-21: 00)
Eas (domestic flights) +39 0665955100 (7: 30-22: 00)
Eas (international flights) +39 0665957240 (8: 00-00: 30)
Flightcare Italy +39 066595/6777 (24h.)

Lost objects
If you lose any object other than the luggage you can direct to the corresponding counters ADR. In the background to security controls area you can call the n. +39 06 65955253. If you have lost in the area after security checks can call the n. +39 06 65953313. Hours: 09.00 - 15.00.

Passengers with mobility difficulties.

In Fiumicino airport terminal departures (Partenze) there are small columns called "Punti Richiesta Assistenza" (points for assistance) equipped with an answering-phone to apply ADR Assistance. In addition, there are the following services:

News points: interactive points with information on flights and Fiumicino airport facilities.
Accessible toilets: available at all airport toilets.
Medical emergency: It is located in the departures terminal (partenze) extraSchengen boarding area.

Carabinieri (Police): +39 06 65954040 (24 h).

Emergency Rome Fiumicino Airport: +39 06 65953133/4


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